Underground Detection Services

Benefits of Using Underground Detection Services

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Subsurface detection services entail surveying and mapping of subsurface utilities, which is a vital part of the civil engineering process. A map showing detail of subsurface utilities will help in saving time and money on costly repairs. Additionally, delays arising from accidental damage of utilities will be low.

In particular, such a map should show the position and depth of utilities.

The skill to scan underground utilities has been able to help countries like Japan for instance. Japan has kept very low numbers of incidents arising from excavation and underground construction.

Additionally, maintenance service providers can avoid the danger of running into cables, pipes, and other beneath-ground utilities during excavation. This is a safety concern as well as cost concern.

SafetyRenovation contractors make use of these services, which allow them to update old and out of date maps of subsurface utilities. This applies especially for sewer pipes, as most current maps do not show how deep the pipes are running as well as their size and direction of fluid.

Cost – the exercise reduces risk of damage during construction as well as lower risks associated with schedule and budget overruns



Equipment for Underground Detection Services




RD700 Pipe Locator ELM: Metallic Underground Detection Services

Benefits include faster location of underground services.

Furthermore, a wide range of products for specific task needs is available.


Locate Conductive Utilities

The RD7000+ picks up signals coming from metallic conductors which is then used to map metallic utilities underground.

5% Of depth

DS200 Ground Penetrating

Uses radar pulses to locate and map the subsurface material.

Moreover, it is non-intrusive and can evaluate material properties with no damage to the environment.

Locating Non Metallic Utilities

Examples include plastic, rubber, wood etc.

10% of Depth, depending on soil condition.

33KHz Sewer Sonde

Used to locate subsurface plastic water pipes, gas pipes and any other non-magnetic utility.

Locate Sewer & Storm Water Pipes

5% of Depth

South Duel Frequency GPS System

Dual-frequency GPS self corrects for multipath errors by using two satellite signals.

Therefore, a higher precision is achievable.

Precision Surveys