Setting Out Surveys

Setting Out Surveys, professional engineering surveyors at Redshadow Engineering Surveyors, call 0810432004 or book online or a quote

Our professional engineering surveyors in Johannesburg are very knowledgeable and have vast experience in topographic surveys and producing topographic maps. Let the professionals assist you with allĀ  site measurements and data processing for your construction and engineering projects.

Redshadow Engineering Surveyors are experts in construction and engineering surveys

Setting Out Surveys – Application

Setting Out Surveys

We perform on site setting out work for the continuation of civil and building projects.

In collaboration with engineers and site personnel, we ensure accurate location of features as per design.

The accurate and precise markings on the ground require a professional construction surveyor also known as engineering surveyor. Civil and building drawings should be accurately transferred from paper to reality.

Our engineering survey firm offer services that include interpolation of drawings for guiding site teams in location and elevation construction.


Professional Service

We are a team of proud engineering surveyors with vast experience in various forms of engineering projects from civil works, roads and bridges to topographic surveys

No compromise on quality, we ensure accuracy and that our work is dependable. We use advanced machinery and we work on projects of varying degrees of precision. From tight specifications such as setting out bolts, aligning overhead crane rails and motoring surveys

You can rely on our work for the satisfactory delivery of your major construction sites.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any project be it residential or large commercial projects