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Land Surveyor Services

At Redshadow Group, we offer land surveyor services for various engineering and mapping projects.

Our land surveying services includes below ground utilities surveys, construction execution surveys as well as surveys for town planning and civil designs.

Call or email us with your request for surveys and get top notch services from us.

Our state-of-the-art equipment puts us first in mapping projects for land development, environmental, transport and public service building projects.

We help construction projects to archive timelines by delivering timely, accurate and reliable guidance in positioning and levelling of structures.

Additionally, companies can maintain budgets and avoid re-works arising from inaccurate placement of structures.

Underground Utility Engineering – engage us for determination and marking of sub surface services before commencing with excavations. Avoid damage of utilities, lower risks of injury and fatal accidents resulting from contact with sub surface live lines.

Civil Surveys – Surveying and profiling of roads, surveying bridges, highways and railroads. All construction works setting out like shopping malls, power stations, mine expansions, town infrastructures and more. We also offer other specific precise land surveyor services, such as dam monitoring, alignment of over head crane rails, squareness of large prefabricated steel structures.

Environmental Surveys – we perform surveys for your management of natural resources, recreation facilities and other social development projects.

Topographic and hydrographic land surveying serviceslet us help you with data for planning and drawing up designs for ocean lands as well as dry land.


Why Choose Our Land Surveying Consultancy

We have a multi disciplinary approach, enabling us to offer complete surveying and mapping services.

Reliable and efficient client relationship, we put effort in understanding project dynamics and how we fit in to help the overall project.

We aim to maintain good long term client relations.

High experience and high know-how of our technical staff.

We meet expectations of precision and accuracy within timeframes.

Surveying Services and the Different Types of Surveys

Surveying services come in various forms. Talk of property surveys, regional and town planning, the fit of mechanical machines and construction survey services. Therefore, a surveyor is in the middle of the design stage and building stage of a project.

Survey service providers tend to focus one area so that they deal with one type of surveyor services.

The land surveyor makes use of machines such as theodolites, levels, total stations, GPS and drones.


Surveying in Land Demarcations

Land surveyors who do divisions of land parcels are called cadastral or title surveyors. The South African Geomatics Council calls them Professional Land Surveyors.

Title surveys deal with boundaries and registration of land parcels. The most notable product of a land surveyor is a title deed. Title deed is a document of ownership rights of a piece of land.

Title survey data is filed and kept at the department of surveyor general, a public office that signs off and approves title surveys.

Sub divisions of farms, plots and residential land forms one of the most common type of title surveying.

Another type is the consolidation survey, where two or more registered land parcels are joined together to form one legal document.

Surveying In Infrastructure Development

Surveyors who focus on building projects are known as engineering surveyors, civil surveyors or site surveyors.

Site surveyors perform setting out surveys to align buildings, level and position of members of a building.

Roads, bridges, tunnels and stadia needs services of a surveyor before and during construction. First, surveyors take sizes and shapes of the land parcels to come up with maps. These maps are useful for the design of buildings. Then engineers use the spatial data to design buildings. Civil engineers need spatial data to come up with designs and drawings for site works. Finally, when an engineer has seen how the land terrain looks like and made his design, he needs the surveyor to put it to the ground.

During the building phase, setting out surveys takes place. Surveyors mark out points, lines and levels to guide site works.

Construction and Engineering Surveys South Africa

Construction and Engineering Surveys anywhere in South Africa call 0810432004.

Engineering Surveys refer to the various surveying tasks that are done on a construction site in support of engineering needs. As construction surveyors, we gather data to enable planning of construction activities. These various stages of building and construction require some survey measurements and output.

We assist in activities such as design of a projects, collecting data enabling sewer line designs, storm water designs and the design of the physical dimension of buildings and civil structures.

Our expert skills also help in the design of elevations and levels of structures in building and construction projects.

Professional engineering surveying in the construction phase means accurate setting out of design elements. This refers to the actual placing of structures on the ground, placing correct levels on structures and marking out positions of each civil structure or building. Therefore we ensure accurate positioning, making sure the design shape and size is achievable.

Typical Projects For Construction and Engineering Surveys

Our services offer excellent solutions to dimensional aspects of engineering projects of various forms

Construction of Roads and railways – topographical surveys for design, as well as setting out of road curves and routes. We survey through-out the project directing levels for different layers and ensuring compliance with project specifications

Construction of Bridges and Civil Structures

Redshadow Engineering Surveyors provide accurate surveying services for the construction of bridges and other civil projects such as tunnels and pipeline projects

On site surveys for power station activities – the setting out of steel structures, civil structures and other buildings in the power station construction projects

Dam surveys – setting out and monitoring surveys

Similarly, we perform surveys for recreational facilities. Such surveys enable the planning and design of recreational facilities and well as game reserves

Alignment surveys for such equipment like overhead cranes. We therefore make use of specialized equipment to ensure the crane rails are accurately erected


Surveyor Companies South Africa

Surveyor Companies South Africa, call 0810432004 for professional engineering surveying consultancy. We are specialists in engineering surveys, topographic surveys and non title surveys.


Surveyor Companies Service – Design Stage

Consulting surveyor firms service the civil and construction industry, property developers as well as mapping agencies. In the design phase of developments and construction and civil projects, specific data relating to the land in question needs to be collected. This is where engineering surveying firms get in. Collation of important data relating to size and shape of land, air space and water areas of a land parcel.

The data includes altitudes, angles and dimensions, which surveyors further process to produce maps showing aspects like contours, rivers and so forth.

Such information, measured with high accuracy, allows design engineers to place and determine how their design proposal should look like. Engineers may use the information to determine the costs of excavation and how slopes will look like and any other dimensional aspect of the project

Similarly, mapping agencies rely on data from surveying measurements. The shape and size of the earth or portions of it, require field measurements from surveyors.

Survey Consultancy Companies Responsibility During Project Implementation

The surveyor consultancy firm will be very much involved during project implementation. All the design elements of a project needs accurate transfer from paper to ground. Therefore, surveyors work on site to ensure that design elevations, positions, sizes and angles are as they appear on the drawings.

There are very specific accuracy requirements for each and every structure as may be determined by the design engineers. These are limits of tolerances permissible or the amount of “error’ allowance on a structure.

Surveying firms can either major in control surveys, whereby they offer accurate reference points for large projects. These reference points will be in use by construction surveyors

Surveyors can also work in the cadastral industry, specializing in property boundaries for purposes of title. This includes land surveying sub division of property into smaller title portions. Such surveys will be sent for approval by the department of the surveyor general, and records kept at the deeds registry.

Surveying Companies in South Africa – Best Survey Firm

Top of surveying companies in South Africa, we do topo surveys, construction surveys, mining surveys, setting out surveys & more – book online. We beat any land surveying company in the land in terms of pricing, quality and client satisfaction. Let us know how our survey consultancy can assist you.

We support land information management by providing detail surveys to help with plans and designs.

If you need help in guiding contractors on site, we can station a construction surveyor to lead with markings and to obtain quality in positions. Our land survey firm works all over South Africa. Therefore, we are present for surveying firms in Gauteng as much as survey companies in Durban for instance.

Our company assists in mine surveys as well. We do surveys for your volume audits.

Book our surveying organisation for reliable services in route planning and construction, such as pipelines, roads and railwyas.

Products of Our Surveying Companies

Engineering Surveying Companies work hand in hand with civil engineers and other engineers in the construction phase of civil projects. Engineering surveyors obtain and process data for the design of earth works projects and others such as roads, bridges, railway, shopping malls and land development.

Our land surveying consulting firm uses top instruments and software to produce maps.

These maps show ground shape and size. Our products include diagrams, plans, land outlines, contours, man-made as well as natural features of an area with accurate relative positions.

Full time engineering surveyors use equipment such as Total Station, GPS, automatic and dumpy Levels in their day to day measures. Our equipment and tools undergo regular calibration checks to re align for top results.


Surveyors also go by the name topographic surveyors, if they are surveying for land for detail maps.

They are also known as Geomatics surveyors. Therefore we are a Geomatics company in as much as we are topographic company.

Our team has the following skill set-

Maths calculation skills such as trig maths.

The ability to understand drawings and make conclusions.

Logical reasoning

IT skills and ability to learn software

Problem solving

Attention to detail

Topographic Surveyor Consultancy

Topographic Surveyor Consultancy, for all engineering, construction and civil site surveys all over South Africa, call 0810432004

A Topographic surveyor, also known as an engineering surveyor, is responsible for precise ground terrain measurements. Apart from demarcation of property boundaries and identifying them physically, surveyors help design engineers with relevant data such as contours and position of natural man made features of a site or portion of land

After taking accurate ground measurements, surveyors produce unique contour maps of the surfaces of sites which is useful for various functions

  • Engineers use contour maps to design civil structures such as drainage systems like storm water drainage or sewer drainage
  • Design of any platform such as a football pitch, sport tracking field where slopes may be required
  • Generally, design of any slope related project
  • Town maps and regional maps
  • Routes such as roads and railway design
  • Civil and Construction design projects

Operations of a Topographic Surveyor Consultancy Firm/ Engineering Surveyor Consultancy

The most important aspect of topographic surveyor work is to accurately determine the points and their respective distances and angles. Traditionally, such information will appear in a field book, the surveyor’s field book which have to be recorded in the form of field notes.

To achieve this, the site surveying processes will include, among other things

Setting up accurately measured bench marks for reference

These bench marks will have positions in the horizontal and vertical dimensions

Every other detail measured on site, will be referenced to these bench marks

Common detail that surveyors pick include

Streams, buildings, milestones, streets and any other natural or man-made features present in the

Topographic Surveyor Product Data Uses

Topographic data forms basis for designing of various construction and civil projects





Water lines

Sewer lines

Setting Out Surveys

Setting Out Surveys, professional engineering surveyors at Redshadow Engineering Surveyors, call 0810432004 or book online or a quote

Our professional engineering surveyors in Johannesburg are very knowledgeable and have vast experience in topographic surveys and producing topographic maps. Let the professionals assist you with all  site measurements and data processing for your construction and engineering projects.

Redshadow Engineering Surveyors are experts in construction and engineering surveys

Setting Out Surveys – Application

Setting Out Surveys

We perform on site setting out work for the continuation of civil and building projects.

In collaboration with engineers and site personnel, we ensure accurate location of features as per design.

The accurate and precise markings on the ground require a professional construction surveyor also known as engineering surveyor. Civil and building drawings should be accurately transferred from paper to reality.

Our engineering survey firm offer services that include interpolation of drawings for guiding site teams in location and elevation construction.


Professional Service

We are a team of proud engineering surveyors with vast experience in various forms of engineering projects from civil works, roads and bridges to topographic surveys

No compromise on quality, we ensure accuracy and that our work is dependable. We use advanced machinery and we work on projects of varying degrees of precision. From tight specifications such as setting out bolts, aligning overhead crane rails and motoring surveys

You can rely on our work for the satisfactory delivery of your major construction sites.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any project be it residential or large commercial projects


Construction Surveyor Products & Services

For construction surveyor services, call or book a surveyor from Redshadow Engineering surveyors | 081 043 2004 

A construction surveyor works in many civil construction projects as well as other engineering projects, such as mechanical machines. Let us look at what a construction surveyor is expected to offer and what he/she should do to get the desired results.


Data furnished to civil engineer for design purposes

Sometimes known as engineering surveyors or topographical surveyors, construction surveyors normally begin work well before site  establishment. A topographic survey usually precedes any form of work on a site. Before a civil engineer can come up with a design, he or she requires certain information about the topography of the area of interest.

The single most important product of a topo survey is the contour map. Engineers need contour maps for them to design how the finished structure and ground should look like. Such finished structures such as drainage systems and structure relationship with other utilities. Therefore a topographic survey forms part of the initial data requirements for design. So an engineering surveyor goes out to survey the land first, for two primary reasons. The first one is to map the positions of existing features, such as trees, rivers, streams and any existing man made feature like roads and buildings. The second one is to produce contours to show the existing ground undulations for design purposes

Construction surveyor services on site

Once a civil engineer has completed his or her designs and drawings, construction surveyors can proceed with setting out surveys. Setting out survey refers to the measurements taken by a surveyor to transfer drawing positions to the ground with precision. Let us say, for instance, a drawing suggests that the finished ground levels should slope at 1% gradient, from a certain position to another. The engineering surveyor should survey and mark out positions on the ground that should guide contractors to achieve that.

Setting out surveys are done for ground preparations during earthworks, and during erection of structures to guide contractors with levels and positions of structure. For a steel structure, setting out might involve marking out the positions of holding down bolts, for which steel columns will be fixed. A surveyor on site will typically set out positions of concrete columns and bases, from the position of shuttering to the actual concrete position. Most engineering drawings come with grid lines. Surveyors on site can mark out grid lines to give the contractors a point of reference. All that is part of setting out.

Construction Surveyor : Other Services on site

Site surveyors also provide alignment survey services. These surveys can be either for structural steel, mechanical or civil structures. A good example is the alignment of crane rails on site. It is crucial for erection teams to work closely with engineering surveyors in order to get positional guidance. Surveys also enable to achieve high accuracy and avoid re works due to errors in positioning. Absence of surveyors on site results in unwanted demolitions of portions of structures due to misalignment. Clash of positions of structures is also common or even malfunction of design features. It is more costly to run a construction site without surveyors than to employ surveyors, especially for large projects.

As built surveys

As built surveys are done as the final record of measurement of structures, as a final record keeping. It is important to record and maintain the positions of structures and have a comparison with the design positions. Sometimes it happens that, while erection teams are busy with their work, there can be unwanted movement. Examples are the movement of shuttering during concreting. Such a movement can alter the position of a concrete structure as it dries. An engineering surveyor should record the final positions for analysis. Sometimes it may be necessary to break a portion and have it redone if the engineers sees it fit.

Distinction between professional land surveyor and engineering surveyor

For the general populace, an engineering surveyor can be loosely referred to as a land surveyor. However, this may be misleading in the scope and extent of duties.

In South Africa, a professional land surveyor is a surveyor who is so registered with the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC) formally known as PLATO. Land surveyors in South Africa have a license to perform demarcation surveys and sign off for lodging at the Surveyor General’s Office. These surveys, known as cadastral surveys, form a legal basis for title of properties. Land surveyors therefore, can perform any survey be it engineering or cadastral surveys. On the other hand, however, a construction surveyor may not perform cadastral surveys without supervision by a registered land surveyor.

Consulting Surveyors – Civil, Town Planning & Mining Projects

Surveyors available – call or book online for top surveying services. We offer many types of surveying services all over South Africa and beyond.

Consider us for land survey services for housing projects, we help by surveying storm water, water supply and sewer systems. Surveyors make the project happen, marking out stand by stand, and further setting out roads the project.

Redshdaow consulting surveyors, we are the best place to look up for building projects through our survey services. Further, we do survey advisory and suggest solutions to managers for decisions.

As may depend on your project needs, we can be full time on site or per when you need. Additionally, we do monitoring and supervisory surveys.

Guiding The Contractors on Site With Marking Out and Positional Quality Checks – Constructions Surveyors

First, survey of steel columns, steel beams, and base plates

The, alignment and levelling of over-head crane rails.

Further, survey of pipe works, ducting and boiler parts.

Additionally, concrete columns and concrete bases, before concrete pour and post concrete pour checks

We also do surveys for turbines and related parts

Even setting out foundations and cast in items

Pre-assembly checks at site

Post-erection checks, new buildings as well as existing old buildings (as well as deformation surveying)

Positioning and alignment of concrete, steel and mechanical structures.

Earthworks volumetric surveys

surveyors at work
Setting out all the layers of road base material and curbs

Surveyors to Direct Manufacturing and Fabrication Works

Making sure the sizes of steel frames are right as on the drawing.

Pre-assembly checks at the plant, for large steel frames.

As built checks at the plant, for large steel frames.

Setting out of foundations and buildings.

Earth works and volume audits.

Machine surveys

Surveys to verify work.

Property Surveys

If you recently bought a piece of land and you need to see the real size, we can help you with boundary surveys.

We find your boundary pegs and verify the size of your land.

Land surveyors assist with marking out of lands and sub-division of land. The work will go to the surveyor general for approval.

Whether you need surveyors for plot markings, farms or even housing or office space building it does not matter. Moreover, we verify actual positions against the original survey beacons on the survey diagram.

Mining surveys

Stockpiling and volumes

Open cast mining

Construction Surveyors Pretoria | Surveyor Consultancy

Construction Surveyors Pretoria – Call the experts in engineering surveyors on 0810432004, vast experience construction and engineering projects

construction surveyors
construction surveyors at work
construction surveyors structural steel surveys

Construction Surveyors Pretoria – What We Do

If you are wondering how builders contractors manage to transfer the information from drawings to the ground without error? The answer lies with the use of technical personnel called construction surveyors. Construction surveyors are responsible for transforming positions and levels from the drawings to the ground with guaranteed precision and accuracy.

This process of transferring positions and levels from the drawing to the ground is known as setting out. Therefore it is common practice that before any construction works actually begins, a site surveyor or construction surveyor should mark out the extent of the structure on the ground. In fact, setting out precedes any construction works.

Engineering surveyors/site surveyors also monitor the positions and levels of buildings as construction progresses until the finish. Imagine that a civil engineer has a design of a concrete base on which a large water storage tank should sit. And supposing that the concrete base is circular, and that it follows a cone shape, the slopes following a specific gradient that should be met to a certain degree of accuracy. It is then the duty of a surveyor to give guidance and ensure the following,


(a) The center of the base is exactly in position and has exact coordinates from interpolation or calculation from the drawing

(b) The radius of the base is of a dimension in the design specification of the drawing

(c) The final finish level and the slope is as per drawing

(d) The final structure’s measurement is comparable to its design positions


Where do construction surveyors work on site

A construction surveyor or site surveyor may work on all or one of the following broad construction sub sections

  1. Civil structures such as concrete columns, bases and slabs
  2. Structural steel frames , such as main primary steel, secondary steel or other steel frames attaching to secondary frames.
  3. Overhead crane rail surveys, alignment and leveling
  4. Piping
  5. Machinery alignment and positioning
  6. Earthworks – determining volumes of masses of sand or raw minerals
  7. Dam structures
  8. Bridges
  9. Roads