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A Topographic surveyor, also known as an engineering surveyor, is responsible for precise ground terrain measurements. Apart from demarcation of property boundaries and identifying them physically, surveyors help design engineers with relevant data such as contours and position of natural man made features of a site or portion of land

After taking accurate ground measurements, surveyors produce unique contour maps of the surfaces of sites which is useful for various functions

  • Engineers use contour maps to design civil structures such as drainage systems like storm water drainage or sewer drainage
  • Design of any platform such as a football pitch, sport tracking field where slopes may be required
  • Generally, design of any slope related project
  • Town maps and regional maps
  • Routes such as roads and railway design
  • Civil and Construction design projects

Operations of a Topographic Surveyor Consultancy Firm/ Engineering Surveyor Consultancy

The most important aspect of topographic surveyor work is to accurately determine the points and their respective distances and angles. Traditionally, such information will appear in a field book, the surveyor’s field book which have to be recorded in the form of field notes.

To achieve this, the site surveying processes will include, among other things

Setting up accurately measured bench marks for reference

These bench marks will have positions in the horizontal and vertical dimensions

Every other detail measured on site, will be referenced to these bench marks

Common detail that surveyors pick include

Streams, buildings, milestones, streets and any other natural or man-made features present in the

Topographic Surveyor Product Data Uses

Topographic data forms basis for designing of various construction and civil projects





Water lines

Sewer lines

Topographic Surveyors for Successful Project Planning and Designs

Topographic surveyors at Redshadow Engineering Surveyors are top surveyors for your project plans and design.  Book online for terrain surveys.

Our team of topographic surveyors will help you with maps of natural and man-made features. Topo surveys gives data about land such as contour form and shape of the land.

Moreover, topographic surveys will also give the relation between land outline and other features. Topo-surveys is mainly about contours, shape and size of land as well as object relations.

Start your project plans with a good base of your land’s topography by asking for terrain surveys.


topographic surveyors contour map
contour map
topographic surveyors contouring
Volume audits, contouring and mapping

Useful Products of Topographic Surveys

Topo-surveys is the collection of data useful for mapping.

Engineering surveyors therefore process data from site measurements to get information. The information is useful for engineers, project planners and architects to begin their designs and plans.

In particular, civil engineers need this information for design such as bridges, buildings and roads.

We present our surveying data in formats that allow editing. This means that users of surveying data can make designs directly on the file.

A topographic maps typically shows contours relative to the positions of other features of interest.


Surveys for Land Information Management

Town planners often need information about land for many reasons, zoning, capacity and population support services. We are a number one service provider in support of surveys for land information management. Furthermore, we offer affordable survey services.

Moreover we use state of the art equipment to achieve top results.

Also, we give you easy to use data and maps.

Therefore we are in a much better place to serve you with detail surveying help.