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Surveyor Companies South Africa, call 0810432004 for professional engineering surveying consultancy. We are specialists in engineering surveys, topographic surveys and non title surveys.


Surveyor Companies Service – Design Stage

Consulting surveyor firms service the civil and construction industry, property developers as well as mapping agencies. In the design phase of developments and construction and civil projects, specific data relating to the land in question needs to be collected. This is where engineering surveying firms get in. Collation of important data relating to size and shape of land, air space and water areas of a land parcel.

The data includes altitudes, angles and dimensions, which surveyors further process to produce maps showing aspects like contours, rivers and so forth.

Such information, measured with high accuracy, allows design engineers to place and determine how their design proposal should look like. Engineers may use the information to determine the costs of excavation and how slopes will look like and any other dimensional aspect of the project

Similarly, mapping agencies rely on data from surveying measurements. The shape and size of the earth or portions of it, require field measurements from surveyors.

Survey Consultancy Companies Responsibility During Project Implementation

The surveyor consultancy firm will be very much involved during project implementation. All the design elements of a project needs accurate transfer from paper to ground. Therefore, surveyors work on site to ensure that design elevations, positions, sizes and angles are as they appear on the drawings.

There are very specific accuracy requirements for each and every structure as may be determined by the design engineers. These are limits of tolerances permissible or the amount of “error’ allowance on a structure.

Surveying firms can either major in control surveys, whereby they offer accurate reference points for large projects. These reference points will be in use by construction surveyors

Surveyors can also work in the cadastral industry, specializing in property boundaries for purposes of title. This includes land surveying sub division of property into smaller title portions. Such surveys will be sent for approval by the department of the surveyor general, and records kept at the deeds registry.

Surveying Companies in South Africa – Best Survey Firm

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We support land information management by providing detail surveys to help with plans and designs.

If you need help in guiding contractors on site, we can station a construction surveyor to lead with markings and to obtain quality in positions. Our land survey firm works all over South Africa. Therefore, we are present for surveying firms in Gauteng as much as survey companies in Durban for instance.

Our company assists in mine surveys as well. We do surveys for your volume audits.

Book our surveying organisation for reliable services in route planning and construction, such as pipelines, roads and railwyas.

Products of Our Surveying Companies

Engineering Surveying Companies work hand in hand with civil engineers and other engineers in the construction phase of civil projects. Engineering surveyors obtain and process data for the design of earth works projects and others such as roads, bridges, railway, shopping malls and land development.

Our land surveying consulting firm uses top instruments and software to produce maps.

These maps show ground shape and size. Our products include diagrams, plans, land outlines, contours, man-made as well as natural features of an area with accurate relative positions.

Full time engineering surveyors use equipment such as Total Station, GPS, automatic and dumpy Levels in their day to day measures. Our equipment and tools undergo regular calibration checks to re align for top results.


Surveyors also go by the name topographic surveyors, if they are surveying for land for detail maps.

They are also known as Geomatics surveyors. Therefore we are a Geomatics company in as much as we are topographic company.

Our team has the following skill set-

Maths calculation skills such as trig maths.

The ability to understand drawings and make conclusions.

Logical reasoning

IT skills and ability to learn software

Problem solving

Attention to detail