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Engineering Surveys refer to the various surveying tasks that are done on a construction site in support of engineering needs. As construction surveyors, we gather data to enable planning of construction activities. These various stages of building and construction require some survey measurements and output.

We assist in activities such as design of a projects, collecting data enabling sewer line designs, storm water designs and the design of the physical dimension of buildings and civil structures.

Our expert skills also help in the design of elevations and levels of structures in building and construction projects.

Professional engineering surveying in the construction phase means accurate setting out of design elements. This refers to the actual placing of structures on the ground, placing correct levels on structures and marking out positions of each civil structure or building. Therefore we ensure accurate positioning, making sure the design shape and size is achievable.

Typical Projects For Construction and Engineering Surveys

Our services offer excellent solutions to dimensional aspects of engineering projects of various forms

Construction of Roads and railways – topographical surveys for design, as well as setting out of road curves and routes. We survey through-out the project directing levels for different layers and ensuring compliance with project specifications

Construction of Bridges and Civil Structures

Redshadow Engineering Surveyors provide accurate surveying services for the construction of bridges and other civil projects such as tunnels and pipeline projects

On site surveys for power station activities – the setting out of steel structures, civil structures and other buildings in the power station construction projects

Dam surveys – setting out and monitoring surveys

Similarly, we perform surveys for recreational facilities. Such surveys enable the planning and design of recreational facilities and well as game reserves

Alignment surveys for such equipment like overhead cranes. We therefore make use of specialized equipment to ensure the crane rails are accurately erected


Surveyor Companies South Africa

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We offer many land surveying services across South Africa

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Our survey company specializes in engineering surveys, topographic surveys, underground detection surveys, and non-title property surveys.

Surveyor Companies Provide Base Date for The Design of Civil Projects: Pre-Construction Planning Phase

Construction firms all over the world rely on surveying services to plan and execute civil and building projects.

Survey companies take measurements prior to construction works and provide data that guides the scope and extent of the project.

Our survey consultancy gives you the best services in preparing your project. We perform detailed topo-surveys to aid designers to make cost effective and accurate designs.

In addition, we have latest devices in the market to deliver and present fast, accurate, and reliable survey services. Furthermore, our rates for land survey services are budget friendly yet the service is world class!

Therefore, we believe that we are the best land surveying company for you in the region. Our topo- surveys gives you accurate information on natural land features, man-made features, and buried services.

Our services include: –

Topographic surveying

Boundary line surveys

Setting out surveys

Below surface services detection surveys

surveyor companies for underground detection
below surface detection survey

Engineering surveys

Monitoring surveying on structures

How Our Survey Company Can Help in Project Execution

Guide teams in accurate position of structures by setting out locations, elevations, and gradients of various parts of a structure.

Help mitigate the risk of potential future regulatory enforcement actions

Minimize or eliminate costly delays

Improves efficiency in project execution

Supply of survey data in various forms that enables the accurate definition of project scope

Ensure project is within its legal boundary

Avoid accidental damage to buried services by carefully detecting and mapping. Additionally, this service further improves the potential to meet time deadlines by preventing reworks. Another additional benefit with the service is better cost management as the risk of damaging buried services is lower or eliminated.

Choose Redshadow Engineering Survey Company

We invite you to choose our company to provide land and engineering surveying services to you. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our company ahead of other land surveying companies: –

  • We offer tailor made solutions and present data in the most profitable way to suit your purpose
  • Fair and budget friendly rates
  • Top of the range surveying devices and equipment
  • We take time to look at your needs and requirements, and we serve you to get the most of it.
  • Our land survey services are complete in terms of surface measurements and below ground detection, we are an all in one service provider.

Surveying Companies in South Africa – Best Survey Firm

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We support land information management by providing detail surveys to help with plans and designs.

If you need help in guiding contractors on site, we can station a construction surveyor to lead with markings and to obtain quality in positions. Our land survey firm works all over South Africa. Therefore, we are present for surveying firms in Gauteng as much as survey companies in Durban for instance.

Our company assists in mine surveys as well. We do surveys for your volume audits.

Book our surveying organisation for reliable services in route planning and construction, such as pipelines, roads and railwyas.

Products of Our Surveying Companies

Engineering Surveying Companies work hand in hand with civil engineers and other engineers in the construction phase of civil projects. Engineering surveyors obtain and process data for the design of earth works projects and others such as roads, bridges, railway, shopping malls and land development.

Our land surveying consulting firm uses top instruments and software to produce maps.

These maps show ground shape and size. Our products include diagrams, plans, land outlines, contours, man-made as well as natural features of an area with accurate relative positions.

Full time engineering surveyors use equipment such as Total Station, GPS, automatic and dumpy Levels in their day to day measures. Our equipment and tools undergo regular calibration checks to re align for top results.


Surveyors also go by the name topographic surveyors, if they are surveying for land for detail maps.

They are also known as Geomatics surveyors. Therefore we are a Geomatics company in as much as we are topographic company.

Our team has the following skill set-

Maths calculation skills such as trig maths.

The ability to understand drawings and make conclusions.

Logical reasoning

IT skills and ability to learn software

Problem solving

Attention to detail

Topographic Surveyor Consultancy

Topographic Surveyor Consultancy, for all engineering, construction and civil site surveys all over South Africa, call 0810432004

A Topographic surveyor, also known as an engineering surveyor, is responsible for precise ground terrain measurements. Apart from demarcation of property boundaries and identifying them physically, surveyors help design engineers with relevant data such as contours and position of natural man made features of a site or portion of land

After taking accurate ground measurements, surveyors produce unique contour maps of the surfaces of sites which is useful for various functions

  • Engineers use contour maps to design civil structures such as drainage systems like storm water drainage or sewer drainage
  • Design of any platform such as a football pitch, sport tracking field where slopes may be required
  • Generally, design of any slope related project
  • Town maps and regional maps
  • Routes such as roads and railway design
  • Civil and Construction design projects

Operations of a Topographic Surveyor Consultancy Firm/ Engineering Surveyor Consultancy

The most important aspect of topographic surveyor work is to accurately determine the points and their respective distances and angles. Traditionally, such information will appear in a field book, the surveyor’s field book which have to be recorded in the form of field notes.

To achieve this, the site surveying processes will include, among other things

Setting up accurately measured bench marks for reference

These bench marks will have positions in the horizontal and vertical dimensions

Every other detail measured on site, will be referenced to these bench marks

Common detail that surveyors pick include

Streams, buildings, milestones, streets and any other natural or man-made features present in the

Topographic Surveyor Product Data Uses

Topographic data forms basis for designing of various construction and civil projects





Water lines

Sewer lines