Consulting Surveyors – Civil, Town Planning & Mining Projects

Surveyors available – call or book online for top surveying services. We offer many types of surveying services all over South Africa and beyond.

Consider us for land survey services for housing projects, we help by surveying storm water, water supply and sewer systems. Surveyors make the project happen, marking out stand by stand, and further setting out roads the project.

Redshdaow consulting surveyors, we are the best place to look up for building projects through our survey services. Further, we do survey advisory and suggest solutions to managers for decisions.

As may depend on your project needs, we can be full time on site or per when you need. Additionally, we do monitoring and supervisory surveys.

Guiding The Contractors on Site With Marking Out and Positional Quality Checks – Constructions Surveyors

First, survey of steel columns, steel beams, and base plates

The, alignment and levelling of over-head crane rails.

Further, survey of pipe works, ducting and boiler parts.

Additionally, concrete columns and concrete bases, before concrete pour and post concrete pour checks

We also do surveys for turbines and related parts

Even setting out foundations and cast in items

Pre-assembly checks at site

Post-erection checks, new buildings as well as existing old buildings (as well as deformation surveying)

Positioning and alignment of concrete, steel and mechanical structures.

Earthworks volumetric surveys

surveyors at work
Setting out all the layers of road base material and curbs

Surveyors to Direct Manufacturing and Fabrication Works

Making sure the sizes of steel frames are right as on the drawing.

Pre-assembly checks at the plant, for large steel frames.

As built checks at the plant, for large steel frames.

Setting out of foundations and buildings.

Earth works and volume audits.

Machine surveys

Surveys to verify work.

Property Surveys

If you recently bought a piece of land and you need to see the real size, we can help you with boundary surveys.

We find your boundary pegs and verify the size of your land.

Land surveyors assist with marking out of lands and sub-division of land. The work will go to the surveyor general for approval.

Whether you need surveyors for plot markings, farms or even housing or office space building it does not matter. Moreover, we verify actual positions against the original survey beacons on the survey diagram.

Mining surveys

Stockpiling and volumes

Open cast mining

Construction Surveyors Pretoria | Surveyor Consultancy

Construction Surveyors Pretoria – Call the experts in engineering surveyors on 0810432004, vast experience construction and engineering projects

construction surveyors
construction surveyors at work
construction surveyors structural steel surveys

Construction Surveyors Pretoria – What We Do

If you are wondering how builders contractors manage to transfer the information from drawings to the ground without error? The answer lies with the use of technical personnel called construction surveyors. Construction surveyors are responsible for transforming positions and levels from the drawings to the ground with guaranteed precision and accuracy.

This process of transferring positions and levels from the drawing to the ground is known as setting out. Therefore it is common practice that before any construction works actually begins, a site surveyor or construction surveyor should mark out the extent of the structure on the ground. In fact, setting out precedes any construction works.

Engineering surveyors/site surveyors also monitor the positions and levels of buildings as construction progresses until the finish. Imagine that a civil engineer has a design of a concrete base on which a large water storage tank should sit. And supposing that the concrete base is circular, and that it follows a cone shape, the slopes following a specific gradient that should be met to a certain degree of accuracy. It is then the duty of a surveyor to give guidance and ensure the following,


(a) The center of the base is exactly in position and has exact coordinates from interpolation or calculation from the drawing

(b) The radius of the base is of a dimension in the design specification of the drawing

(c) The final finish level and the slope is as per drawing

(d) The final structure’s measurement is comparable to its design positions


Where do construction surveyors work on site

A construction surveyor or site surveyor may work on all or one of the following broad construction sub sections

  1. Civil structures such as concrete columns, bases and slabs
  2. Structural steel frames , such as main primary steel, secondary steel or other steel frames attaching to secondary frames.
  3. Overhead crane rail surveys, alignment and leveling
  4. Piping
  5. Machinery alignment and positioning
  6. Earthworks – determining volumes of masses of sand or raw minerals
  7. Dam structures
  8. Bridges
  9. Roads

Topographic Surveyors for Successful Project Planning and Designs

Topographic surveyors at Redshadow Engineering Surveyors are top surveyors for your project plans and design.  Book online for terrain surveys.

Our team of topographic surveyors will help you with maps of natural and man-made features. Topo surveys gives data about land such as contour form and shape of the land.

Moreover, topographic surveys will also give the relation between land outline and other features. Topo-surveys is mainly about contours, shape and size of land as well as object relations.

Start your project plans with a good base of your land’s topography by asking for terrain surveys.


topographic surveyors contour map
contour map
topographic surveyors contouring
Volume audits, contouring and mapping

Useful Products of Topographic Surveys

Topo-surveys is the collection of data useful for mapping.

Engineering surveyors therefore process data from site measurements to get information. The information is useful for engineers, project planners and architects to begin their designs and plans.

In particular, civil engineers need this information for design such as bridges, buildings and roads.

We present our surveying data in formats that allow editing. This means that users of surveying data can make designs directly on the file.

A topographic maps typically shows contours relative to the positions of other features of interest.


Surveys for Land Information Management

Town planners often need information about land for many reasons, zoning, capacity and population support services. We are a number one service provider in support of surveys for land information management. Furthermore, we offer affordable survey services.

Moreover we use state of the art equipment to achieve top results.

Also, we give you easy to use data and maps.

Therefore we are in a much better place to serve you with detail surveying help.